The Congregation

The Congregation

The Missionary Sisters of the Catholic Apostolate are a women’s religious institute of pontifical right. The sisters who belong to this congregation, often referred to as the Pallottine Missionaries, place the initials “S.A.C.” after their name.

The Congregation traces its roots back to the Sisters of the Catholic Apostolate founded by Vincent Pallotti in Rome, with whom they make up the Union of the Catholic Apostolate (U.A.C.).

The Charism

From the time of their foundation, the Pallottine Missionary Sisters have dedicated themselves to missionary and apostolic works in various countries across the globe. Wherever they find themselves, they engage in evangelization and perform works of mercy, always striving to interpret “the signs of the times” as Saint Vincent Pallotti urged them to do.

For this reason, they carry out their mission in different spheres of life within the Church and in the world. Everything they are and everything they do is a witness to God’s infinite love for mankind and, at the same time, directed to drawing mankind to God so that all may become true apostles of Christ.

The Mission

The Generalate of the Missionary Pallatine Sisters is located in Rome, the very city where Saint Vincent Pallotti lived.

The Sisters are present in Europe (Germany, Switzerland, England, Italy, France, Poland, Belarus, and the Ukraine), America (United States, Brazil, and Belize), Asia (the Indies, Russia-Siberia), and Africa (Cameroon, Rwanda, the Congo, Tanzania, and South Africa).

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